The New Lido Ulysses in 2019

Suitable for families and children

Earn money too

The beach and the restaurant of Lido Ulisse

adhere to the cashback circuit

Professional Massages

Ayurvedic massage to nourish the skin and muscles before taking a dip in the Gulf of Squillace. Eliminates stress, tension and the sense of fatigue.


The family with its children have priority. There are new dressing rooms for your privacy and tempered showers for Lido customers.

Choose your low cost holiday in Squillace Lido. See the Monthly Plan & Umbrella Prices

Everything You Need On The Beach

There are moments when I feel the need to have the plug completely disconnected with what is real life. That kind of real life made up of: problems, thoughts, stress, anxieties and fears. There is only one place that is able to relax me, regenerate me and that manages in its enchantment not to make me think of anything, except myself. A place where an immense and pleasant sense of peace, freedom and harmony comes to life. That place is the “Il Ulisse Lido at Squillace”.


Wood oven

The undisputed specialty of the Ulisse beach is pizza for lunch or dinner. The only one of its kind is a professional machine that allows wood-fired pizza. Come and try it if you don’t believe it

Security and Courtesy

The lifeguard is part of those seemingly simple but full of stories seasonal jobs, with a thousand faces and a long seaside tradition that deserves attention.

Green Flag

Clear water, enough sand to make towers and castles, lifeguards and lifeboats, spaces dedicated to games, those useful to mothers to change the diaper or breastfeed and then ice cream parlors, clubs and restaurants within easy reach.

Beach service

Choose the umbrella

Restaurant and Pizzeria

Come and enjoy the sea breeze

Restaurant on the beach

Lido Ulisse Bar

Come and enjoy a good coffee

or enjoy a good ice cream

Children’s Play Area

Ayurvedic massages

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